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What is Aquaculture Focus?

Aquaculture Focus is a new venture which will enable the Fish Farming and Aquaculture community to communicate more effectively with both targeted buyers and suppliers, to help to gain a better understanding of where we are heading to as an industry and also to allow easier access to key information and statistics that affects the sector in today’s market place.

Over the past few years the world of marketing and communication has changed dramatically due to the explosion of activity on the internet. Whilst that means that we have to change and adapt of to new technologies and ways of communicating with existing and potential interested parties, a number of the ‘old’ ways of communicating are still very important. Therefore we need to re-evaluate our strategies to ensure that we are focusing correctly and in the most cost effective manner on our key markets.

What will it do for your business?

Let us explain it here:

Every business needs access to information, facts and figures and needs to be able to communicate at the most cost effective level with existing and potential customers.

Through the internet, news sites and various trade publications we can trawl around and try to gather the information that we need to direct and focus our business on whether we are looking to supply the sector or looking for the route to market for our products, or we can look to have one centralised source for the information that you require.

Some of the services will include:

  • Statistics and information on the Aquaculture industry
  • Useful links to trade associations and other key information suppliers
  • Information on the movers and shakers in the industry
  • Publishing of key information in paper and electronic formats
  • Aquaculture jobs and recruitment facility
  • Assistance with press release writing, PR and publicity within the sector
  • Distribution of information and press release material to key media worldwide
  • Project management and assistance with trade exhibitions
  • website development and SEO for Aquaculture
  • Social media services including set up and planned campaigns
  • Newsletter and e-newsletter set up and distribution

So let us do the hard work for you – contact us today for more information on 0845 643 9585